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Proud supporters of Jack's Memorial Cup and the Alberta Children's Hospital

Cumberland Private Wealth recently sponsored and participated in the Jack Memorial Cup (“JMC”) charity golf tournament held at the Winston Golf and Country Club. Although we were rained out on hole 14, it was a magnificent event and an enjoyable experience for all. Cumberland has been a sponsor of this event for three iterations at this point, with the 2023 experience seeing employees James Nickerson, Chris Dry, and Shawna Perron lending their full-on participation. We would like to thank Kelly Martyniuk for all her help, and for handing out popular Cumberland bucket hats donated across the tournament.

In its 9th year, since 2013 the JMC has been a staple of our Calgary community with nearly 150 golfers partaking in a charity tournament that supports the Alberta Children’s Hospital. While final proceeds raised still being calculated, we are happy to share that the total tally for this year is quickly approaching the $50,000 target and that the tournament was an overwhelming success. It was a terrific way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

The blind auction is also usually an absolute hit but proved to be even more so this year with the donation of special artwork by John Soparlo. For those who may be unaware, John is a young boy from Calgary born with Cerebral Palsy, who is unable to walk, talk or even hold his own head up. In 2019, he became part of an experiment, namely The Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Project, which is an initiative that had the potential to engage children in learning and play. The software technology used in the program recognizes changes in thought pattern via an electroencephalogram and transmits those signals to control devices such as computers, phones, TV remotes and more. In John’s case, the signal gets transmitted to a “sphero” (which to most of us looks like a ball) that is controlled with John’s thoughts and allows him to paint. The artwork is truly amazing and can be seen on John’s Instagram page @brainpaintbyjohn. John’s painting was auctioned for $2,000.


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