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Why Cumberland? 

Unique Risk Management Process

Cumberland Private Wealth Management (“CPWM”) in Calgary uses a unique risk management process to manage downside risk in your portfolio and to produce higher risk-adjusted returns over the long term.  The proprietary Kipling Funds are a group of alternative strategies and are a core component of many of our clients’ portfolios. We use these, in conjunction with individual securities, to enhance exposure to certain sectors/commodities/asset classes and to produce a sophisticated long-short portfolio with lower volatility than the traditional portfolios offered by most large financial institutions. Please contact us for more detailed information on our investment process.


As an independent wealth management firm, we offer objective and completely unbiased financial advice.  We do not have sales goals imposed upon us, so you can be assured that we will always do what is in the best interest of our clients.


Our portfolios are tailored to your unique needs.

Excellent Client Service with an Educational Aspect

Achieving your financial goals is security.  Understanding how is power.


At CPWM, we can assist you with understanding the how. We pride ourselves on excellent client service and our client portfolio reviews are designed to explain, educate and enhance your understanding of how your assets are being invested and how that relates to what is going on in the market. We manage your portfolios as fiduciaries and work closely as a team to provide the best possible client experience. During office hours, you can call us directly and be assured that you will reach a live person – you also have direct access to our portfolio managers.

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