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Cumberland Portfolio Managers named Top 40 Under 40 Rising Stars

Wealth Professional Canada has named Cumberland Private Wealth Portfolio Managers Shawna Perron and James Nickerson to its list of Top 40 Under 40 Rising Stars of 2023. The list honours financial advisors who are helping to shape the future of the wealth management industry.

When asked about what makes their wealth management practice so different, Shawna Perron and James Nickerson pointed to the quality of their client relationships, their focus on client education, and their commitment to making wealth management a more positive experience for families across generations.

Perron: “We like get to know you, your family and everybody else involved in your system. We want to get to know the history of our clients, so we are better informed on what's motivating their decisions, getting to really know who they are. Our client and their best interests are what we are here to do and look after.”

Nickerson: “I think one of the things that we really do well is the educational piece with our clients. We really want our clients to have a greater understanding of what is going on in their portfolio and more importantly, why it is happening.”

Perron: “The narrative of creating a more positive culture around wealth management and around estate planning or just planning in general for families, is something we will be a part of.”

The Wealth Professional Canada Top 40 Under 40 Rising Stars of 2023 list was revealed on October 31, 2023 and can be viewed here.


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