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Celebrating 10 years of independent advice

We are celebrating 10 years of independence this month!  We took a leap of faith, and we are proud we did. We had a vision that required us to take the next step in our wealth management journey and we started our independent firm. November marks 10 years since our team, Perron & Partners, became an independent wealth management firm, standing distinctly apart from many others in our industry.   It has also been more than five years since our team joined forces with Cumberland Private Wealth Management, itself a beacon of independence since 1999.

The move to independence was driven by our core value: the commitment to work in the best interest of our clients. Through this past decade, it has become clear that our clients have continued to believe in us and benefit from that commitment.

We have gained the trust and respect of our clients over many years, owing to the quality of our wealth management and the depth of our relationships. Our team has evolved over the years to adapt and innovate to ensure that we are living out what we promised to do.

On this milestone, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude to our clients. You are the backbone of our success. You have entrusted us to guide some of life’s most important decisions. With your support, we were able to launch our award-winning Kipling Funds, partner with leading industry professionals, extend our global research and investment capability, and pursue new wealth management solutions. Thank you for standing by us as we took our practice to new levels.

We would also like to acknowledge our team. We build, create, debate, and grow together. Like any team, we work through our challenges and celebrate our accomplishments. We appreciate our colleagues at Cumberland in Toronto, and are proud to represent the firm as Perron & Partners in the West. We value our internal culture of holding each other accountable and having a great deal of passion around what we do. Our success is our reputation, and we control how that plays out together.

We see the past 10 years as stepping stones in a powerful direction. We are excited to see how much more we will evolve over the next 10 years.


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