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Achieving Your Financial Goals, is Security ….. Understanding How, is Power

It is that time of the year again, RRSP season. If you are not satisfied with your current traditional asset allocation program, now may be the time to check out something different – Cumberland Calgary’s in-house Managed Solutions. The defining features of these tactical investment strategies include:

Providing higher risk-adjusted returns over the long-term through a repeatable, dynamic investment process.

· The main goal of the Managed Solutions is to provide clients with superior risk-adjusted returns. We would much prefer a smooth 6% annualized rate of return versus a lumpy 7%, for example. We can achieve this through lowering the standard deviation (ie. volatility) of the portfolios as compared to the traditional asset allocation programs offered by most large financial institutions.

Ideal for professionals building their retirement assets or as a unique sleeve within a larger portfolio.

· Our Managed Solutions mandates are an ideal asset allocation program for both TFSA and RRSP accounts. These solutions suit almost all investment goals, whether you are just starting out or planning for retirement, with our three mandates: Income Growth, Balanced Growth, and Maximum Growth.

Diversified, low-cost portfolio of internal pooled funds, mutual funds, and top-tier exchanged-traded funds (ETFs). Where we do not hold “in-house” expertise, Managed Solutions will employ an ETF or 3rd party fund manager to provide necessary exposures.

· While similar to the traditional 60% equity/40% bond pension-style portfolios, we differentiate ourselves through core exposures to our proprietary Kipling Funds – which use a long-short structure. We then utilize ETF’s to garner satellite exposures and allocations to alternative assets such as gold, precious metals and commodities, among others. Alternative assets are used to enhance one or more of the following: diversification, volatility dampening, income and/or growth maximization.

A friendly reminder that the final day to contribute to your RRSP account for the 2022 tax year is Wednesday March 1st, 2023. Unsure of your contribution limit? Creating an online profile with the CRA allows you to easily access your contribution limits, for both your TSFA and RRSP accounts. This also helps avoid any overcontributions which could incur a penalty.

If you are interested in seeing if our Managed Solutions are a good fit for you, please email us at: for access to our informational video.


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