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Achieving your financial goals, is security.

Understanding how, is power.

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Find your way through life’s challenges 

with expert guidance.

Our approach is to guide our clients, helping to educate, clarify and simplify as we offer advice and direction.

"Thanks to the Perron and Partners Group I live in comfortable retirement. Gary Perron, Karen Smale, and their associates have given individual attention to my investments throughout the past two decades. Everyone I have met on the staff at Perron and Partners is a good listener. Their specialists have remarkable expertise in explaining the contours of the financial markets in North America and beyond in real time. They have created a diversity of funds that allow for personal choice while maintaining an overriding concern for financial stability. Over the years, the people at Perron and Partners have enhanced my education about investment opportunities that correspond with my concern to maintain a reliable balanced portfolio in our rapidly changing world."   


January 25, 2023

We make it make

We keep our clients up-to-date through personal portfolio reviews, newsletters, commentaries, and more. 

If you need guidance on what you’re hearing in the headlines, we’re always here for you; just a phone call or email away.


We bring a different perspective

As an independent firm, we are objective in our analysis of investment solutions and wealth management strategies.


You benefit from a financial plan that is based on a deep understanding of you and your goals.

We go beyond

We take our time to get to know you and the other professionals you work with.


We believe in collaborative and strategic advice that spans investing, tax, legal, multi-generational wealth transfer, retirement planning, estate planning and more.

Our investment management process gives you financial clarity, helps you prioritize, and sets realistic expectations based on your needs for investment income and growth. Finding a balance between enhancing and preserving your wealth is the key to reaching your goals and appropriately managing risk.

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We don’t invest for you,
we invest with you.

We have helped families, individuals and foundations achieve their financial goals through careful planning, customized portfolio solutions, and a rewarding client experience for 30+ years.

As a leading independent wealth manager, we are built differently than most financial institutions and fund managers. We value free thinking and teamwork over hierarchies. We place no middlemen between you and the people managing your money, and we personally invest in the same strategies you do.

We embrace emerging trends in demographics, technology, monetary policy, investment alternatives and innovative investing with curiosity and open minds, without ever forgetting the disciplined process that has enabled us to protect our clients’ capital through decades of ups and downs.

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